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Bürgeruniversität HHU

As a Bürgeruniversität ("citizens' university"), HHU actively seeks out the exchange between science and society. For example, its members offer many public events, host debates, support community involvement and include citizens as well as representatives from the fields of economics, politics and culture in their research and teaching activities. 

Bürgeruniversität Activities

HHU seeks out and strengthens contact to citizens and the community in many ways.

Thematic Focal Points

The Bürgeruniversität offers a wide range of current thematic focal points.

Taking Part in the Bürgeruniversität

One important element of the Bürgeruniversität is the wide range of collaborative possibilities. 

Where do I find the Bürgeruniversität?

HHU is represented in three different locations in the city and surrounding area – for optimal proximity to the community.

Coordination Office „Bürgeruniversität“

Isabel Strauß

Building: 16.11
Floor/Room: 01.50
Phone +49 211 81-10989
Fax +49 211 81-15193
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