Community Involvement

HHU is open to all citizens of Düsseldorf and surrounding area. Its diverse offerings facilitate visits to the Botanical Garden and the University and State Library; the university orchestra offers public concerts and the university radio station is a source of current information regarding institutes of higher learning in Düsseldorf. 

In addition, the partaking of people of all ages, origins and levels of education in university learning is especially important to us. So we open the university to a heterogeneous student population (non-academic backgrounds) and support intercultural dialogue (buddy programme) as well as lifelong learning (senior academy, children’s university). 

HHU values and supports the dedication of teachers and students, for example by providing financial resources for "Projects for the Bürgeruniversität in Teaching" and assigning credit points to students who volunteer.  

Examples of Projects and Activities in the Area of "Community Involvement"

Research Project: Internet and Democracy
The Internet offers diverse opportunities for the involvement of citizens in democratic decision-making processes. At HHU, the DIID (Düsseldorf Institute for Internet and Democracy) researches digital innovations. Here, it is essential to cooperate with partners – for example from local politics: Together, different democratic participatory opportunities are developed on the Internet and then evaluated. In this case, the objective of the scientists at the DIID is not only to investigate this participation but also to facilitate it together with collaborating partners!

Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden is used for research and teaching. It also is open to the public year round, including its greenhouses and landscaped arrays. With an event programme for every age group, exhibitions, lectures and tours, the employees do their best to familiarize citizens with the flora found in the Botanical Garden. There is also a plant show which is regularly organised in cooperation with the "Friends of the Botanical Garden of the Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf", using plants from the Botanical Garden.

Support for Refugee Students
The support of refugee students is just one example of how the individual involvement of HHU members can go hand in hand with institutionalised civic activities. HHU employees and students have instigated various aide programmes that support refugees in different areas of life, for instance regarding legal and/or sanitary problems (Refugee Law Clinic in the Faculty of Law, the AG Flüchtlingshilfe der Fachschaft Medizin. In parallel, language courses and buddy programmes are offered which help refugees in meeting admission requirements and integrating into campus life.

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