Science Policy Interface

HHU aims to contribute to facilitating fact-based and scientifically guided political decision-making processes as well as to counteract populist movements. This is why scientists at HHU contribute to debates on future issues in socio-political and economic areas with their expertise, in an advisory capacity, either personally or as members of expert panels – as for example the Leopoldina or on ethics boards.

In addition they present their scientific findings in the public media and/or discuss them in lectures involving politics and the public. HHU has a special scientific emphasis in the exploration of the processes behind the formation of the political will as such, with regard to the possibilities of "online participation" and party research.

Examples of Activities and Projects in the Area of "Scientific Perspective of Political Discourses"


The Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) at HHU researches the possibilities and limitations of competition. The research results are not only innovative and internationally visible, they are also application-oriented and thus regularly enter current social and political discourses.

Online Participation

The Internet offers diverse possibilities for the involvement of citizens in democratic decision-making processes. The DIID (Düsseldorf Institute for Internet and Democracy) at HHU researches digital innovations and develops corresponding technical concepts. Here, cooperation with partners – for example from local politics – is essential: Together, different democratic participatory possibilities are developed on the Internet and then evaluated. The aim of the scientists at the DIID is not only to research participation, it is also to facilitate it together with collaborating partners. 




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