Internet and Democracy

The Internet offers great opportunities for democracy. In spite of the dangers of antidemocratic misuse, the Internet and digitalisation open very new possibilities for citizen involvement in different social contexts. At HHU, the DIID (Düsseldorf Institute for Internet and Democracy) analyses and develops the potentials of the Internet in terms of democratic innovation surrounding politics, administration, economy, science and civics. 

At the DIID, researchers scientifically examine the opportunities and risks of digitalisation for civic involvement in democratic processes, public communication and political mobilisation. Faced with increasing digitalisation, interaction and participation are also become increasingly more important in other organisations such as companies and NGOs. The DIID uses a comprehensive approach: it not only researches digital innovations and develops corresponding technical concepts, it also tests different democratic participatory possibilities together with collaborating partners – for example from local politics – on the Internet and evaluates them. Here, scientists never lose sight of the practical relevance of their scientific findings. 

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