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HHU - the "Bürgeruniversität"

HHU - the Bürgeruniversität: Our Mission

As a Bürgeruniversität ("citizens' university") HHU seeks out the exchange between science and society. Its members offer many public events, host debates, support community involvement and include citizens as well as representatives from the fields of economics, politics and culture in its research and teaching activities.

In keeping with its namesake Heinrich Heine and the educational concept of the Enlightenment, the university promotes knowledge and critical reflection in all people in order to responsibly help shape processes of social, cultural, economic and political change. In a time where science-based findings are indispensable in solving pressing future issues, and where valid knowledge is subjected to a high dynamic, lifelong learning, critical discourse and citizens’ confidence in science take on special relevance. As a Bürgeruniversität, HHU strives to contribute to the protection of a liberal, responsible and tolerant society in which such ideals as open-mindedness, the pursuit of reason and a humanistic education apply.

An overview of our activities will be provided here.

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