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We talk about perceptions of freedom

What is my understanding of freedom, how do other people perceive freedom? Which freedoms are particularly important to me, which are important to others and what conflicts may arise as a result?

The FreeWall – our mobile exhibition for the Science Year – addresses these questions and encourages people to consider the understanding and importance of freedom in our society. The FreeWall will visit a number of venues throughout the Science Year.

Development of the FreeWall

The FreeWall will make its first appearance on 23 May! But what will it look like?

A central workshop to prepare our “FreeWall” was held at the end of March. The goal? To design our interactive mobile exhibition!

We want to examine various aspects of the concept of freedom on the FreeWall. The workshop offered a wide range of perspectives for this. The denXte team contributed the important philosophical perspective, while the Düsseldorf Party Research Institute (PRUF) provided input from the field of law. The Düsseldorf Institute for Internet and Democracy (DIID) and members of the Chair of Political Science II offered social science perspectives. The “Citizens’ University” (Bürgeruniversität) represented the successful exchange between science and society as well as participative research, while the Service Center for Good Teaching and Learning (SeLL) provided additional educational expertise. Frank Doering and Marina Schwarzmeier from the media agency Atelier für Mediengestaltung kept a watchful eye on feasibility and the creative realisation of the FreeWall, while the experienced moderator Robert Kötter (TWENTYONE SKILLS) guided participants through the workshop, in particular in an academic context.

FreeWall venues

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