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HHU finances activities in research and learning and teaching that actively involve citizens and stakeholders as well as promote the dialogue between citizens and science.

Funding programme for research projects: “Förderfonds zur Finanzierung von Forschungsprojekten mit Bürgerbeteiligung an der HHU”

HHU funds research projects by HHU scientists who actively involve citizens and representatives of civil society organisations in their projects. This can range from the joint preparation of a project proposal to participation in the implementation of projects and transfer into application.

The ways citizen can get involved in projects may differ depending on the field of research and the specific research project, but the participation of citizens should always generate genuine added value for the research. Citizens should be able to contribute to research results through their skills, expertise and willingness to participate.

The programme also aims at demonstrating scientific processes and the way researchers work to the public and thus at breaking down barriers between science and society.

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undefinedHHU Funding for research projects with citizen participation

Funding programme for projects in learning and teaching “Die Bürgeruniversität in der Lehre"

The programme "Die Bürgeruniversität in der Lehre" promotes outreach activities in learning and teaching (e.g. service learning, science communication, research-based learning in community projects and internships). Project proposals can be submitted within specific calls for proposals.

Courses financed by the programme are intended to promote students’ involvement in the local community. This will on the one hand enable them to develop their personal skills and a sense of civic responsibility. On the other hand, hands-on activities in close cooperation with external partners will bring students in contact with possible future employers.

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undefinedFunding programme "Die Bürgeruniversität in der Lehre" and funded projects

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