Competition and Regulation

HHU intensively researches current questions of competition and regulation in close cooperation with the public. At the DICE (Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics), questions about the opportunities of competition and the limitations to which it is subjected are constantly revisited. 

The research covers theoretical, empirical and experimental work and is characterised by a high degree of application in regional, national and European economic policies. The Institute takes on the task of transferring knowledge to the professional world and the broader public. Here, not only is research innovative and internationally visible, it is also application-oriented so that the research results enter current social and political discourses. 

The DICE actively participates in economic debates and passes on economic knowledge to the professional world and the broader public. It is the objective of the DICE to be one of the leading institutions in Europe in terms of research, teaching and knowledge transfer concerning competition and questions of economic regulation.  

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