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Mission D: Space Story

Young people get creative and write their own short stories

The unknown reaches of the universe, alien planets and extraterrestrial lifeforms have already inspired many authors in both classic and modern literature, continuously captivating readers. Star Trek, Star Wars and Dune, among other stories, have shown us what outer space could look like and have fascinated us for decades – both on the big screen and in books. The written word has the power to inspire our imagination and open up endless possibilities as to what life beyond earth might be like.

With support from a writer of novels for young people, mission participants will learn how to write their own short stories about space in a “writer’s room”. Dr Jens Temmen from HHU will support the writing process and inspire participants by providing a brief insight into his research on the presentation of extraterrestrial life in literature.

After the workshop, the short stories will be published here for the online audience to vote on. The authors who receive the most votes will win book vouchers.

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