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Mission D: Space Story

Young people get creative and write their own short stories

The unknown reaches of the universe, alien planets and extraterrestrial lifeforms have already inspired many authors in both classic and modern literature, continuously captivating readers. Star Trek, Star Wars and Dune, among other stories, have shown us what outer space could look like and have fascinated us for decades – both on the big screen and in books. The written word has the power to inspire our imagination and open up endless possibilities as to what life beyond earth might be like.

Under the guidance of young adult novelist Judith Vogt, adolescents learned to write their own short stories on the subject of outer space in a "Writer's Room". Dr. Jens Temmen, a scientist at HHU, supported the writing process and stimulated the imagination of the participants by giving a brief insight into his research on the presentation of extraterrestrial life in literature. To kick off the workshop, the students listened to a short story by Judith Vogt to show how a story can be filled by the person reading it. 

Above all, the beings that don't actually exist, but which already evoke a certain idea in our minds, bring fictional planets to life and make them imaginable in our heads.

Judith Vogt
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