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Space Day

Space Day on 16 June 2023

The Heinrich Heine University (HHU) Space for Culture project invites you to get involved! At the heart of our project is the Space Day being held at the Haus der Universität and on Schadowplatznearby on 16 June 2023. Games, comics, ideas & short stories... Our universe forms part of a wide variety of content and is reflected in art, literature and philosophy. And that’s exactly what the event is all about: We want to consider space from a cultural and humanities perspective in an interactive and participative way.

You can look forward to numerous highlights:

Results of the Space Missions

Children and young people present their results from the workshops already held in the spring. In a total of four missions, participants considered the universe from a wide variety of perspectives.

How do you design games? How do you adapt a Japanese science fiction story into an exciting comic? What role do humans actually play in the vast universe and what potential and limits do we encounter when we play this out in a thought experiment? What adventures can we experience in a short story set in space?

Visit the mobile planetarium

One special attraction on Schadowplatz is the mobile planetarium provided by the Zeiss Planetarium in Jena (website in German only). Over the course of the day, a number of shows will take place that will transport your imagination and enable you to experience the atmosphere of space.  In the 360° projection dome, experts from the Zeiss Planetarium in Jena will take you on an incredible voyage of discovery through the universe.

We wish and guarantee you clear skies and hope you enjoy the unique view. 

Gallery Walk

UNIVERSEH – the European Space University for Earth and Humanity – is an alliance of five higher education institutes from five European countries. The network is supported by the European Commission, among other partners, and represents a new form of collaboration in the area of space research. This makes the Space Day a “home game” for UNIVERSEH, so to speak, and the alliance will be showcasing what it has to offer in an interactive Gallery Walk. 

Fishbowl Conversation

Space tourism – lost in space or an easy-to-reach travel destination for everyone?

It doesn’t matter whether you talk to Elon Musk (Tesla), Richard Branson (Virgin Group) or Jeff Bezos (Amazon) – many billionaires agree: Space will soon be within reach for us all. But is it really that simple? What about the pollution involved? What safety concerns are there? And what about social justice?

What do you think? We want to hear your opinion! In a fishbowl conversation, you are encouraged to play an active part in the discussion and share your thoughts. Dr Anna Soßdorf (website in German only) is responsible for the moderation and conceptual development of the fishbowl conversation.

Space Concert

The grand finale of the Space Day will be an acoustic highlight – the HHU university choir would like to invite you to the Space Concert, which will take place in the event hall at the Haus der Universität directly after the fishbowl conversation.

Let the atmospheric sounds of space accompany you on a brief voyage through the universe.

The glass harmonica, which will accompany the university choir, is sure to be a special highlight: With its acoustical volume and exquisite sound, the instrument is highly impressive. It will be played by Sascha Reckert, who has already performed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, among other venues.


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