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Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is available to the population all year round as a place of education and as a recreational area. With a wide range of offers for all age groups, it conveys the importance of plant diversity and the necessity of its preservation. At the same time it serves as a scientific facility for research and teaching at the various institutes.

Its landmark is an 18-metre high, filigree domed building, in whose Mediterranean climate plants from the Canary Islands, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and California are displayed. The dome is supplemented by a new, modern greenhouse complex with a South Africa House, a 13-metre high orangery and a house for the other plant collections.

In the richly structured open-air area, a tour leads around a wildflower meadow, on the edges of which the various departments are arranged: Geography begins with the diversity of North American vegetation, the systematic section shows the natural relationship of flowering plants and in the plant sociology section, for example, a typical moor can be seen. Farmers' and pharmacists' gardens invite you to linger, and the pollination biology invites you to observe.

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