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Statue of Heinrich Heine


Being an alumna or alumnus is for life!

Even after you have completed your studies or if you change your job, you still belong. You belong to the community of teachers and learners of Heinrich Heine University. Being an alumnus bonds. It bonds you to Heinrich Heine University, to the faculties, the institutes, the University Clinic, Düsseldorf as the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and, of course, to your fellow students.

The idea

Former students, teachers and employees remain in contact with each other and profit from each other through their direct link to University. This applies for young people at the start of their careers just as for those who are already professionally established. Beyond subjects and generations - beyond geographical borders.

The Alumni Network

  • Makes it easy for you to stay in touch with friends, fellow students and former colleagues
  • Offers you access to regular meetings, exciting events and further training courses in the faculties and at the University
  • Does not focus just on "the good old days" but also gives you the opportunity to profit from what the University has to offer in future as well
  • Is avaluable network of expertise and experience for everyone involved

Sign Up now and profit from the Network!

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