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Alumni Network of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

The image of the ‘alma mater’ (the kind and nurturing mother) has established itself as a fixed concept for ‘university’. Students are metaphorically nourished with knowledge and education.

The term alumni (from the Latin alere meaning to nourish or raise; masculine = alumnus; feminine = alumna) describes the ‘offspring’ of the respective alma mater. Alumni are thus on the one hand former students, but on the other hand also former university staff. Many other words are used to describe the former associates of a university, but we have agreed on alumnus and alumna, since this makes established members out of former associates of the Heinrich Heine University.

Advantages of the Alumni Network

For all members of the HHU Alumni Network:

  • Countless former students and staff have joined forces to offer alumni support. They gladly share their professional experience and knowledge of industries and companies with recent graduates and career changers. Take advantage of their experience for your career! Discuss with the Alumni Coordination Office which supporter might best be able to assist with your career plans or questions.

For graduates of Bachelor study programmes:

  • Countless Master study programmes to choose from
  • Study guidance on the Master study programmes offered at HHU
  • Information events by the HHU Career Service (e.g. on whether to begin working or continue studying)
  • Comprehensive advice for your future career

For graduates of the Master and State Examination study programmes:

  • Information on doctoral studies at HHU
  • Exchange with alumni about their doctoral studies at HHU
  • Advice on how to plan your doctoral studies

For researchers, who previously worked at HHU:

  • ResearchAlumni@HHU
    If you previously worked at HHU as a researcher, then we would love to keep in touch! We can also help you to maintain your contacts at HHU.

For employees interested in returning to their alma mater:

  • Information on academic opportunities at HHU
  • Central university administration as an employer?
  • HHU job market
  • Short consultations regarding job offers at HHU
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