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Mission A: Game Jam

Children and young people design games

Computer and video games are a key pastime and a relevant part of game culture. However, before games can be enjoyed, they must be developed and programmed. From an initial idea to the first prototype, children and young people will be able to develop new space games in two afternoon sessions. What does the hero of the story look like? Are aliens involved and what form do they take? And where does the game take place: on a planet, a space station or in the depths of outer space?

Appropriate support will be provided. Educational media experts (incl. the GamesLab in Düsseldorf) will provide programming assistance and solve technical issues. Assistant Professor Melanie Fritsch (website in German only), game culture researcher at HHU, will support the conceptual development side of the workshop with her expertise in the design of digital worlds.

Try out the games from our Game Jam now!

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