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HHU’s Endowment Portfolio

At HHU, we strive to achieve excellence in research and provide students with an outstanding education. The Citizens’ University at HHU offers you a variety of ways to provide support. Setting up your own dependent foundation or arranging an endowment to the University Foundation is a long-term investment in the future of science and the promotion of young talents. 

Becoming an HHU donor creates a win-win situation: You ensure that your foundation remains true to its purpose after your death in line with your wishes. The University generates funds to enable a quick and flexible response to new challenges in science, research and teaching. Various legal forms are available to realise and ensure the future viability of your idea:

  • You can increase the foundation capital via an endowment.
  • You can define a specific purpose for your support by establishing an endowment fund, which bears the name you choose. 
  • By contributing to the HHU University Foundation, you are investing in important future research projects. The University Foundation is recognised as a charitable organisation. 

By making a bequest to HHU in your will, you can define exactly how your estate should be used

1. Endowment contribution

  • Recommended up to €100,000 
  • No administrative costs 
  • Funding of research or teaching 
  • Significant tax benefits 
  • Long-term and sustainable
  • For example: small estates, anniversaries 

2. Donations to the endowment fund

  • Recommended above €100,000 
  • Low administrative costs 
  • The fund bears the name you choose 
  • Significant tax benefits 
  • Long-term and sustainable 
  • You choose whether to support research or teaching 
  • Aligned to the purpose of the University Foundation (support for research or teaching) 
  • For example: larger estates, special purposes (research areas, prizes, tributes)

3. Own foundation at HHU

  • Recommended above €500,000 
  • Dependent foundation at HHU 
  • Low administrative costs 
  • Agreement on subsequent incorporation into the University Foundation possible,
  • e.g. after 10 or 20 years, or after your death 
  • Sustainable support beyond your lifetime
  • For example: definition of an academic focus or strengthening of a university profile area
  • HHU offers tailored solutions for each individual case on the basis of a non-binding, comprehensive consultation without any preconceived views as to the outcome
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