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My freedom – Your freedom?! denXte!!

We invite you to take part in two philosophical thought experiments with the denXte team. What is an opinion and what does it mean when it is “free”? And: To what extent do individuals actually bear responsibility for their actions? Our two “FreeHand?!” evenings at the Haus der Universität (“University House”) address these questions, among other things. On 20 June, we will start by talking about freedom of opinion with Professor Dr Julia Zakkou. On 24 October, the series continues with Professor Dr Andreas Hüttemann and the topics of free will and responsibilities.

Freedom and responsibility?!

We see ourselves as people who are responsible for what they do. We also attribute this to others. What if I were to break a vase? We would excuse that if I were jostled. Is my behaviour predetermined by the laws of nature, and does that then excuse everything?

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